References And Reviews For Green Earth Landscaping Austin

“I had the good fortune of being introduced to Jason Jones 8 years ago; he was referred to me through a successful business owner in the area who told me, “no matter what you need done on your ranch, wait for Jason…he will get it done right…. If he is busy, WAIT for him! I called Jason’s company, Green Earth, and we set up an appointment to meet. The rest is history. Over the years, he has resolved emergent issues such as broken pipes, garage doors that were stuck, irrigation problems and overflowing washing machines. Long term jobs such as painting, landscaping(including installation of an irrigation system, water softener, and continued reconstruction of a well system).

Jason has a team of professionals who are held to the same standard of excellence; work is done on time, costs are very reasonable and are never a surprise, and I have never been dissatisfied!. The only negative is that there are not 5 Jasons!” – Laurie W


“The work that Jason does is first class. No corners are cut and only the best materials are used.  But, what I loved most about Jason and his guys is the fact that they are great to be around and work with.  Always cheerful, willing to help, and responsive when I am in need.  I don’t have to ask them twice to do something.  It gets done right the first time.  I would recommend Jason to anyone wanting the best work possible from the best guys to work with.” – Mark L


“I have known Jason Jones and Green Earth Landscape for more than a decade now.  My residence has a multitude of GEL projects both inside and out!  I always go back to someone I can trust to do an outstanding job, be here when they say they will, and follow through with warranty if it is needed.  To be honest there is no one I would recommend before Jason Jones, he’s at the top of my list.  As a Horticulturist and a Homeowner you can bet I am not the easiest client he’s ever had either!’ –  Sara T.