Tree Maintenance

Pruning Trees in Austin – 

Keeping trees pruned properly will result in healthier trees and more beautiful Austin landscaping.. Everyone has heard about oak wilt and nobody wants it.

Having said that, there are proper and improper ways to trim trees and also certain times of the year are better than others. Here at Green Earth Landscaping we have a certified arborist that has done numerous tree jobs for us. We even have an Austin landscaping crew that does most of your basic tree trimming, but we leave the big stuff to our certified arborist. After all, he is most knowledgeable about tree health. If there is any question about the trees, he’s the man that takes care of it.

Tree Removal

The one thing that nobody likes to do in Austin is remove a tree from their yard. Whether it’s from poor health or storm damage sometimes a tree has to be removed and we take care of it all. Tree recycling is a must so we send it to Whittlesey where they will grind it up and make mulch with it so your tree lives on in another Austin landscape.