Pest and Weed Control, Fertilization

Organic or Chemical, Your Choice –

Pest Control Options.

We have the option to go all organic, organic and chemical, or all chemical in your pest control and extermination. This choice is left up to the homeowner and, of course, how well the treatment is working. Sometimes the all organic method just doesn’t cut it until everything is under control. We prefer to stay as organic as we can. We also have an in-house chemical applicator that is very knowledgeable on organic and chemical landscape pest control.


We try to stay as organic here as well but sometimes we need that extra little kick of chemical fertilizer, once the ball is rolling the organic stuff works great.

Weed control

This consists of broad leaf and grassy weeds. There are several chemical treatments that we use at different times of the year to control weeds and we can discuss on an individual basis what option is right for your landscape.