Landscape Installation

Landscape installation is the culmination of all the plans and design that have been put into your landscape and now we make it come to life with the landscape installation – 

Sod installation 

Gives your landscape instant presence it makes one of the biggest, eye-catching impacts in your yard. Here in Austin we tend to install a lot of Zoysia grass in landscapes, which I like to call the “Cadillac” of the turf. Zoysia grass is very high impact, drought tolerant and makes for a gorgeous yard. There are also a wide variety of Bermuda grasses that work well in Austin landscaping.  And, of course, lets not forget the buffalo grasses that we have started seeing more and more through-out people’s landscapes. One of the most common grasses is St Augustine which is hearty and makes for a lush lawn but loves the water.  With all the water restrictions we have been having, we tend to use St. Augustine grass in small landscape areas.

Flower Bed Installation

The installation of flower beds in your landscape really gives you eye-catching and eye-popping beauty that can be maintained very easily. Some good ideas are native beds, wildflower beds, and butterfly garden/beds.

Tree Installation

The installation of trees are more of a long term investment in your property but also add instant beauty and value to your landscape. There are a wide variety of trees we can use here in Austin, and we install them all from native to ornamental to exotic!

Patios, Decks, Walkways, and Water Features

Nothing adds that personal touch to your landscape like a nice deck, patio, or walkway to your favorite seating area. We install decks, patios, walks, and even outdoor living areas! Thinking of installing a pond or fountain? We have you covered.

Irrigation Installation

We all know that an irrigated yard saves us hours of hand watering and is very convenient. We also know an irrigation system is sort of an insurance policy for our landscape and our wallet, there’s nothing like spending thousands of dollars on our landscape to have it die from lack of water. When a system is properly installed and maintained, water consumption can be kept to a minimum. Most landscapes, when installed properly with a properly working irrigation system, can live on our strict watering schedules

Plants, Flowers, and Ground Covers

Native plants are the best to install as they are more drought tolerant and some are even deer resistant (which we have to keep in mind here in Austin!) We install anything from 4 inch flats on up to 30 gallon plants. Native or exotic we install it. Flower installs make a nice change to a bed, they add a lot of color but are usually seasonal. Flowers make a bold statement in pots on your porch. Ground cover can be used in beds or in place of turf, it is a great alternative to grass. There are even ground covers that flower.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds another dimension to your landscape, most landscape is enjoyed throughout the day. Install some nice landscape lights and watch your property come to life at night. What a gorgeous addition to your outdoor living.