Landscape Design

Meeting, Planning and Budgeting for Your Landscape Design – 

When we have a customer interested in an install, we go through three initial landscape design steps:

  • Drawing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

We come out and meet with you and ask you all sorts of questions  – including the time you have to spend in the yard and to work on your landscape.

Landscaping Plan

From there, we start to get a plan worked up in our heads that includes all of your input and as well as ours. Our landscape designer can create drawings for your Austin landscaping and help you see your new landscape design.

Landscape Budget

Before we move forward with anything else we ask for a realistic budget that you will want to spend on your landscape. We all have champagne tastes on beer budgets. Having a realistic number allows us to use different types and sizes of plants and use different materials to help achieve your budget numbers.

Just like anything else, the more you spend on your landscape design the more you get. Whether it’s bigger plants or more of them, or you get exotic river rock as opposed to regular river rock.

Just remember, as far as we are concerned no landscape budget is too small or too big. We have worked with customers that have a $500 budget and customers that have had an endless budget. It all depends on what you want.  Whatever your landscape plans, we can make it happen


Next step is a drawing; we can go one of two ways here. The first way we can go is a CAD drawing from a landscape architect, yes they are nice and fancy but most installs do not warrant one unless your on the higher end of a budget. The second is my favorite, the good ole birds eye view drawing, the one where I can stand next to you and if you don’t like something we just erase it and move it as opposed to dealing with a CAD drawing that needs to be tweaked by the architect. The hand drawing allows you to see what they are getting and allows for easy tweaks. Simple


Next is the installation process, This is where the fun begins and the landscape magic happens. We begin with the tear-out if necessary. Then we put in all of our infrastructure ( electrical, irrigation, footings, etc) Everyday you will see progress as different things will be happening daily. The landscape plan includes soil and sod deliveries, trees and plants going in and skilled trades completing their tasks. After everything is in we offer a  rigorous landscape clean-up and haul-off of all landscape related mess.

At the end of it all you will have your landscaped dream come true.

Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance comes after every install. We offer warranties on our installs and prefer to maintain them for no less than 6 months after installation. We can keep an eye on everything. You can be sure we will be the first to notice anything wrong with any of the trees, plants, sod, etc. We usually maintain all of our installs after the initial 6 months because our customers love us