Aquaponics Gardening

What Is Aquaponics Gardening?

Aquaponics gardening is the simplest and most efficient way of growing almost all types of plants in a truly organic manner. Aquaponics is the ancient art and science of combining aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water).

What Are The Benefits Of Aquaponics Gardening?

Whether growing food for yourself or growing food to sell,  aquaponics is hands-down more efficient, more productive and requires less work than traditional soil gardening.   Simply feed your fish and let the system do all the work for you.

Are Aquaponics Gardening Kits Energy Efficient?

Systems work either indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse environment. The power consumption is about 35 watts to run the air pump and the water pump to supply the system with the proper flow and oxygen for food production. Timers have now been incorporated into these systems and decrease the power because the water pump is on only long enough to flood the grow bed (usually 10 minutes) then time off (usually 30 minutes) or until it has drained then restart the process over again.

How Does An Aquaponics System Work?

The plants are grown in tanks that are loaded with expanded shale, gravel or crushed granite as grow medium for the nutrient rich water to flow through for the plants to grow in. There is no soil involved and the grow beds are the filter for the water in which your aquatic animals live in. During the filtering process the effluent from the fish tank is used to feed the plants so that they grow at the rate of up 5 times faster than in soil. The grow beds are loaded with microbials and red wiggler worms that convert the (affluent)fish waste in to worm castings. Worm castings and minerals are dissolved by the water as it floods the grow bed and feeds the plants instantly. This cycle goes 24 hours a day causing the tremendous growth rate for the plants. Tilapia fish along with other varieties such as Koi, Goldfish, Comets, Bluegills and Catfish can be used and you can also eat the fish along with the plants. This type of growing is organic in nature causing the foods to have the fullest taste possible for human consumption.

Is Aquaponics Gardening Right For The Texas Hill Country?

With the constant “no rain” situations and poor soil conditions we experience here in the Hill Country (and elsewhere) these systems perform optimally with the least amount of work for you, the food gardener.

Where Can I Get More Information Or An Aquaponics Gardening Kit?

We at Green Earth Landscaping are big fans of aquaponics. In the Austin and Spicewood  area we like to work with Paleface Feed and Garden Supply. Stop in the store and they’ll be happy to show you what we consider to be the most efficient and productive plant growing system available on the market today. Paleface Feed and Garden Supply  is located at 21120 Hwy 71 W Spicewood , Texas 78669  or call 512-264-3925 and ask for Gary .