Watering Schedules For New Landscaping

You Can File a Variance For Approval to Water Your New Landscaping and Grass Installations

Many people do not know you can file for a variance for irrigating new installs. Requirements for an irrigation variance include:

-Landscaping installed at the time of construction of a residential or commercial facility

-New landscaping installed as part of a governmental entity’s capital improvement project; or that alters more than one-half of the area of an existing landscape.

The variance will authorize the application of no more than three-quarters of an inch of water, in a single day, to new landscaping, and irrigation must be applied in accordance with the following schedule:

Day 1 through day 10 after installation: every day at any time

Day 11 through day 20: every other day, before 10 am or after 7 pm

Day 21 through day 30: every third day, before 10 am or after 7 pm

This variance is for people inside the Austin city limits. Each mud district and water district have their own set of rules, so does the county. Do a little bit of research before you just start your landscape project. The key to water conservation is getting educated not only on the landscape side but on the daily routines you can follow to help conserve water and protect your landscape.