Most Common Native Trees in Austin Landscaping

The list below includes trees and shrubs that are native to Austin, TX as well as some of the benefits of each plant and the growing conditions needed for optimal growth.

Native Trees – Austin

Live Oaks– likes large open spaces to grow, briefly drops leaves in spring time. Susceptible to oak wilt

Red Oaks– well adapted to rocky soil susceptible to oak wilt as well

Cedar Elms– tend to grow to an upright form and have adapted to rocky soils can grow in poor drainage areas and clay areas as well. Susceptible to powdery mildew

Small Trees and Large Shrubs Native to Austin, Texas

Crape Myrtle– trees need good airflow. There are many varieties that grow to all different sizes. Flowers in a variety of colors depending on species

Cherry Laurel – great for privacy when planted close, needs deep soil and good drainage

Yaupon Holly – Small shade tolerant tree, free of insects and diseases, poisonous but deer resistant

Desert Willow –  needs well drained soil, deer resistant

Mountain Laurel– Slow grower but blooms purple flowers with a sweet fragrance, needs good drainage, seeds are poisonous but tree is deer resistant

Wax Myrtle– fast grower great for natural privacy screening, prefers deeper soils, deer resistant

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